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Fx Oxygenator

CAPIOX® FX Family of Oxygenator Integrated arterial filter with self-venting technology A 32 µm screen filter surrounds the fiber layer of the oxygenator. Particulate micro-emboli that may be present in the blood are trapped in the filter mesh while gaseous emboli remain inside the oxygenator and in contact with the hollow fibers. Driven by the pressure difference, gaseous emboli enter the inner lumen of the microporous hollow fiber and are eliminated via the gas outlet.

Intraoperative Monitoring Systems

CDI systems have been used in over a million heart surgeries worldwide and are considered a standard of care by many clinicians.

The CDI™ 500 Blood Parameter Monitoring System represents the fourth generation of Terumo's patented sensing technologies.

System 1

Electromechanical Pumping Systems

The Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1 is Terumo Cardiovascular Systems' most recent introduction in a legendary line of heart-lung machines and other electromechanical products.

Though it is a true product of 21st century technology, the Terumo System 1 has inherited the best features from its Sarns™ perfusion systems ancestry.

Sternotomy Products

During routine cardiac surgeries, the sternum is opened so that the surgeon can easily access the heart. After the surgery, the sternum is closed again.

Terumo manufactures the Sarns™ Sternal Saw II System, the most recent evolution in an instrument line that surgeons have been using for more than forty-five years.

Platelet Therapy

Platelet concentration systems are used in the procurement of concentrated, platelet-derived growth factors. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the SmartPReP® Platelet Concentration System.

It provides the highest platelet and growth factor concentrations and is faster than any other system on the market.

At Terumo CVS, we develop, manufacture and distribute medical devices for cardiac and vascular surgery with an emphasis on cardiopulmonary bypass, intra-operative monitoring. Each year, millions of patients around the world benefit from the use of Terumo CVS products. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems includes a full-line of perfusion products.