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The POPULAR trial put Plateletworks® on the short list of platelet function assays that actually work to catch non-responders to the anti-platelet drug Plavix® (clopidogrel) at higher risk for cardiovascular events. Plateletworks can be used anytime there are general concerns about the effect of drug therapies on platelet function.

ICHOR II Analyzer

The Ichor II (sold in Canada as a Mindray BC-3200) is a lower-cost impedance cell counter for Plateletworks platelet function and general hematology testing at the point of care. When used with Plateletworks reagents, the Ichor II system provides a hematology profile with a standard CBC, as well as platelet count and platelet aggregation/inhibition in under five minutes.

Helena Actalyke & MAX-ACT

The Actalyke Activated Clotting Time test system takes a bold step forward in the management of heparin anticoagulation. Actalyke analyzers are for use at the point of care during cardiopulmonary bypass, cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, hemodialysis and other procedures where heparin monitoring with accurate ACT results is needed.

Actalyke XL

Accurate Activated Clotting Time (ACT) testing is essential for monitoring heparin therapy during cardiac procedures and dialysis. Actalyke instruments and reagent tubes provide the sensitivity, reliability and rapidity needed to make timely treatment decisions at the point of care.

Helena Laboratories is a clinical laboratory instrument and reagent manufacturer.

Our clients include major medical centers, small hospitals, large reference laboratories and small private doctor's laboratories.