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Ryan Medical building
1040 Sutton Drive, Unit #2
Burlington, Ontario, L7L 6B8
Toll Free: 1.800.387.7142
Toll Free Fax: 1.855.417.4388
Phone: 905.332.0250
Fax: 905.332.5105
Office Hours : 8:30am to 5:00pm
Head Office Staff
John Docherty   Michelle Boisvert   Don Stricelj   Romeo Pino
  President     V.P. of Finance     V.P. of Operations & Sales     Director of Marketing
Scott Docherty   Nancy Deslauriers   Matthew Smith   Ana Thomas
  Technical Services     Contracts, RFP & Regulatory   Systems Analyst     Procurement Specialist
  Project Manager     Affairs Manager                
Customer Service
Amanda Barber   Lissa Paquette   Victoria Cullen    
  Customer Service Manager   Sr Bilingual Customer Service   Customer Service      
Clayton Thomas   Jim Papp      
  Shipper/Receiver     Shipper/Receiver                
West   Manitoba / SW Ontario   Ontario   Quebec
Ian Macdonald   Pauline Kiczula   Carolyn Hanover   Louis Gaucher
  Sales Manager     Territory Manager     Cardiovascular Specialist     Sales Manager
  604-346-5572     289-880-1656     905-866-3737     514-212-0201
John Underhill   Atlantic - Bob Young         Marie-Josée Hétu
  Cardiovascular Specialist     Associate CV, OR, DI           Territory Manager
  604-345-3114     613-612-3614           514-462-2213
MPWI Michelle Protective Wear Inc.
Scott Docherty   Ian Macdonald - West Bob Young - Eastern ON   BRAEMED LTD. - Atlantic
  Business Manager     Sales Manager     Associate     Distributor
  905-332-0250     604-346-5572     613-612-3614     902-468-7544
Ryan Medical is committed to providing quality products, delivered in a timely manner to the medical community, with a primary focus on the cardiovascular element of the health care industry.