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Ryan Medical, a leading supplier of specialty medical products for 30 years.
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Ryan Medical is committed to providing quality products, delivered in a timely manner to the medical community, with a primary focus on the cardiovascular element of the health care industry.

    The Paragon PMP is a stand-alone unit that is specifically designed for long-term applications such as ECMO/ECLS.

    The Paragon PMP has an intended use of up to 15 days and has recently been revised to incorporate a vent at the summit of the gas exchanger to aid priming and gross air removal.

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    Ryan Medical is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Medex Cardiology and Interventional Radiology Products in Canada, excluding the Atlantic provinces.

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    Ryan Medical is pleased to announce that we are the exclusive distributor for PAMA Manufacturing's Cath. Lab packs in Canada

    and non-exclusive for diagnostic imaging, disposible sterile & non-sterile procedure packs.



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